Complaints and appeals


The purpose of an appeal is for the Coordinating Editor-in-Chief or the Coordinating Editors to examine the editorial process. If it is found not to have been in line with our policies, solving action will be taken to restore correct procedure.

It should keep in mind that the purpose of an appeal is not to revisit the opinions/decisions of the referees or editors. It would be inappropriate for a single individual (i.e. the Editor-in-Chief or a Assistant Editor) to overturn the majority view of referees and consulted editors. Commonly, two referees and three editors express an opinion and 3 votes supporting publication are required to accept a paper in addition to approval of Editor-in-Chief. For editors to reject a paper, they require three votes against the paper. Therefore we are not willing to obtain further opinions because it would not be practical to seek the required opinions to change the decision.

If a manuscript is rejected an option to ‘Appeal Manuscript’ appears on the author's home page, from which the author can write to the Editor-in-Chief explaining the reasons for disagreeing with the editorial process. The Editor-in-Chief or a Coordinating Editor-in-Chief may uphold the decision, or may request further information or consult again on the manuscript prior to making a decision regarding whether to reject or uphold the appeal.

Complaints procedure

Other complaints should be addressed in writing to the Coordinating Editor-in-Chief for consideration and any necessary action. Where a complaint remains unresolved, the complainant can refer the matter to the Patron/Co-Patron/ Dean/Vice-dean. The Competent authority can take necessary decision or refer to any competent body for further decision. The decision or Patron/Dean will be final in all context.

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