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Volume 2, Issue 1 January-June 2024, Year 2024

E-ISSN: 2583-7958] International ISSN [CIEPS]: 3006-208X[Print] 3006-2098[Online]

Date of Publication: Sunday June 30, 2024

Date of Online Availability: Sunday July 7, 2024

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Editorial: Impact of a Scientific Medical Journal:

Imran Sabri


Dr Imran Sabri


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High voltage electrocution injury- A case report:

Sunethra Santosh, K.Parvathi

Case Report

Dr Sunethra Santosh 03-08

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Arachnoid Granulations: An Overview.

Sundaragiri Suraj, Chaitanya Mittal, B. Vasanth Naik, Shreya bansal, Imran Sabri

Review Article

Dr Chaitanya Mittal 09-17

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A study on Postmortem cases of natural and unnatural death at NSCGMC Khandwa M.P.

Arjun Mourya, Seema Sutay , Ashok Najan, Usharani Dussa.

Original Research

Dr Seema Sutay 18-26

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Breaking bad news to patient/attendants: A Medical Dilemma.

Mamta Kumari, Mandeep , Gaurav Sharma, Vijay Pal Khanagwal, Kunal Khanna, Sandeep Giri, Tarun Dagar

Scientific Correspondence


 Dr Vijay Pal Khanagwal 27-33

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Deciphering Tools for Postmortem Analysis: Unveiling the Instruments of Investigation.

Usharani Dussa, Seema Sutay, Ashok Najan, Arjun Mourya

Scientific Correspondence

Dr Seema Sutay 34-53

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